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 Reconnaissance de l'ordre par Rome

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MessageSujet: Reconnaissance de l'ordre par Rome   Dim 29 Avr - 20:00

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    Congregatio Sanctorum ExercituumRecognition of a new Allied Aristotelian Order of ChivalryWe, Hull de Northshire,Eminentissimus ac Reverendissimus Dominus Hull Sanctæ Romanæ Ecclesiæ cardinalis de Northshire, Sanctae Romanae Ecclesiae Cardinalis Archidiaconus, Roman Elector Cardinal of St. Raphaelle Archangel, Second Cardinal-Constable of Rome, Vice-Chancellor of the Congregatio Sanctorum Exercituum, Cardinal-Inquisitor, Cardinal-Governor of Ferrara, French Vice Primate of the Church of the Holy Roman Empire, Commissioner of the Apostolic Penitentiary, General Chaplin Aumônier of the Holy Armies, Grand Officier Herald Emeritus of the Pontifical Colleges of Heraldry, Praepositus Generalis Emeritus of the Holy Order of Christos' Star, Dean of the Seminar of Provence, Great Exorcist and Teacher of the Brotherhood, French Vice-Prefect of the Villa San Loyats, Herold ès Teutonicus, Missus Inquisitionis, Prinzregent von Ordensstaat, Principe reggente di San Marino, Markgraf von Memel, Duca di Ferrara, Sovereign Earl of Lundy, Fürstabt Stablo-Malmedy, Comte de Bulle, Vicomte de Varambon, Burggraaf von Windenburg, Landmeister of La Combe Bleue, Knight of the Teutonic Order, Grand Officer of the Star of Aristotle, Commander of the Pontifical Order of Nicolas V, Commander of the Honorific Order of the Duchy of Savoy, Knight of the Order of Volpone,In our quality of Second Cardinal-Constable of Rome and Vice-Chancellor of the Congregatio Sanctorum Exercituum, with the full support of our colleague and friend, the Cardinal-Chancellor,

      Having discussed with a group of faithfuls, who form a Order of Chilvary, and having seen their good work and wish to serve the glory of God, a new Allied Aristotelian Order of Chivalry will be recognized. As such, after much consideration, witnessing their base of operations, letters of support, review their intetnions and internal rules, and in accordance with the ruled written in the Canon Law, a decision has been reached.Have ruled and ordered, and by our present perpetual and final edict, say and order the creation of a new Allied Aristotelian Order of Chivalry. As convened, the Order will be composed of a military branch, accompanied by no more then 3 ordained priests. Based in the Confederate and Helvetian lands, the recognized group uses the following name: "Ordre de Chevalerie Lausannois".The Lausannois Order of Chivalry will need to observe the Canon Laws with righteousness, and must never forget its duties towards the faithfuls, the Church and their obligations towards the Congregation of the Holy Armies. Furthermore, the Order of Chivalry has asked and obtained the concession to swear prime allegiance to His Holiness the Pope, following the example of Religious-Military Orders. Hereby, the institution, administration and possessions of the "Ordre de Chevalerie Lausannois" are recognized by the Church, being an Allied Aristotelian Order of Chivalry.

    Ad majorem Dei gloriam,Written, signed and sealed in Rome, the 26th day of the month of April of the Year of Our Lord MCDLXVI, under the pontificate of HH Innocent VIII.

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Reconnaissance de l'ordre par Rome
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